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What is RCI?

Founded in 1974 as an exchange service for condominium owners called Resort Condominiums International, RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within timeshares, and has been at the forefront of the vacation industry.

Today, the company has over 3,700 affiliated resorts located in 100 countries, with over three million members living in more than 200 countries. RCI’s exchange systems offer consumers the ultimate flexibility in vacations with more quality resort destinations and leisure product choices in more countries than any other service. Since its inception, RCI has arranged exchange vacations for more than 54 million people worldwide.

What are RCI’s fees? (Exchange, Renewal, Deposit Extensions, Guest Certificates)

Exchange fees: (Applicable every time you make an exchange)

Domestic: $149Domestic: $177
International: $189International: $224

Subscription and renewal rates:

1 year = $891-year renewal = $106
2 years = $1492-year renewal = $177
3 years = $2193-year renewal = $260
4 years = $2794-year renewal = $331
5 years = $3395-year renewal = $403

Deposit Extensions:

3-month = $59$70
6-month = $99$118

Guest Certificates:


How do owners deposit weeks?

Owners can deposit their vacation weeks by contacting Ashton Winder from The Cabins at Bear River Lodge. Ashton is our RCI representative. She can be contacted at (801) 712-1660 or Ashtonbrl@gmail.com. Once the deposited week has been processed, 5-7 business days, the owner will be able to use rci.com or call RCI, as explained in the New Owner Manual.

How far in advance can weeks be deposited?

Weeks can be deposited from 14 days to two years before the start date of the vacation week. The earlier the week is deposited, the more trading power and more opportunities the owner will have for a match with what they would like to exchange.

How much time does the owner have to exchange his/her week? What if the week can’t be used before it is due to expire?

A week can be exchanged from one year prior through two years after the date of the week that was deposited. The owner has through the end of the month, regardless of the specific date of the deposited week.

If the owner is unable to confirm an exchange before the deposited week is due to expire, the owner may purchase time extensions, fee stated above.

What are Extra Vacations?

Extra Vacations come from various sources, such as when members decide to take a cruise instead of vacationing at their resort. Extra Vacations can be used in addition to exchange vacations; they are individually priced and can be found on rci.com.

What is Last Call?

Last Call is a clearance sale of last-minute vacations at RCI Weeks resorts. Studio units are $129. One-bedroom units are $179. And two-bedroom units are $219. All prices are for a full week. Last Call vacations are limited and subject to availability. Prices are only available online and additional fees and taxes may apply.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Cabins at Bear River Lodge (801) 798-1008

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