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Owning a cabin at The Cabins at Bear River Lodge has never been easier or more affordable!  Click the pricing sheet to see all remaining inventory and special pricing.

The following are a few important details about our Shared Cabin Ownership Program that will help you understand the pricing sheet:

There are three levels of cabin ownership:

Platinum: Reserve 12 months in advance, Option to fix weeks for a one-time fee.

Gold: Reserve 9 months in advance.

Silver: Reserve 6 months in advance.

1/13th owners receive a week of cabin use in each season for a total of 4 weeks per year.

1/26th owners choose one week in either Winter or Summer and one in Spring or Fall for a total of 2 weeks per year.

Seasons are divided as follows:

Winter: December, January, February

Spring: March, April, May

Summer: June, July, August

Fall: September, October, November

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