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Coming this summer, Fly Fishing Lessons and Guided Trips

Everyone from the pinpoint dry fly caster to the littlest worm-drowning youngster will find the fishing action to be the ultimate mountain fishing experience. Pristine, uncrowded mountain streams, crystal clear high altitude lakes, and quiet, well-stocked ponds right on the Lodge property provide a little bit of everything for every fresh water fisherman. Rainbow, cut-throat, and brown trout abound, so whether you catch-and-release or are after the freshest trout for your family’s dinner, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities within easy reach of the Lodge.

Hundreds of great spots for year-round fishing are within short distances from The Cabins at Bear River Lodge. An assortment of fishing supplies, tips, directions, and services are available at the Lodge’s convenience store.

Contact us for more information on fishing in our private ponds.

Fishing Pond Rates
Catch and Keep: $5 per pole; keep all you want, just $6.95 per lb.

Catch and Release:
1 Hour – $10.00
Half-day – $25.00
Full day – $40.00
Week – $80.00

Utah fishing is at its best on Bear River Lodge land. Enjoy fly fishing within minutes of lively Park City, Utah. Our well stocked fish ponds make family fishing fun & rewarding.

Utah fishing in ponds, lakes, and rivers:

Get your Utah fishing fix year round at Bear River Lodge. Enjoy the greatest fishing on earth no matter what your style: Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing, or Pond Fishing; we offer it all. You can rent an auger in the winter to get your ice fishing or do some great fly fishing in the summer on our vast lakes, rivers, and well stocked fish ponds. Fish for dinner or catch and release are both available.

Fly fishing or boat fishing; the fun never stops:

There are spacious rivers and ponds to practice your artful fly fishing casts, or you can enjoy the relaxing waters fishing in a boat or off the shore. Bear River Lodge is a fishing spot in Park City, Utah like no other; offering luxury cabin rentals for you to relax and cook your latest catch or ATVs and snowmobile rentals to unwind in style. If you love fishing, fly fishing, or ice fishing, then Bear River Lodge should be on your list.

Enjoy fishing in the wilderness while the family is shopping in Park City:

Maybe you love fishing, but your family would rather play than relax? No problem. Bear River Lodge is just minutes from Park City, Utah, offering shopping, movies, and plenty of restaurants for wonderful days and evenings of entertainment. So enjoy your fishing vacation guilt free. For more information about pond fishing, ice fishing, or fly fishing, please call 801-798-1008.

*Please reserve in advance to ensure availability of our Utah Fishing Ponds, Snowmobile Rentals, and ATV Rentals. Please ensure you exercise care when fishing or fly fishing in our ponds, lakes, and rivers; remember to keep them litter free. Make sure to book your Utah Fly Fishing well in advance as we are serving a popular Park City, Utah Pond Fishing market. © 2011 Bear River Lodge: Park City, Utah Fly Fishing Ponds, Snowmobile Rentals, and ATV Rentals.